Spring time

... in the valley named Altmühltal

The city of Eichstätt, centrally located in the nature park Altmühltal, invites all friends of walking to discover the unique landscape around this baroque town which is the spiritual centre of the whole district, too. More information about our offers and services can be found here.


Bavarian comfort and baroque flair...

...combine in Eichstätt. Eichstätt is located in the center of the nature park of the same name. Truthfully, it is called “pearl of the Altmühltal” as the city is situated in the beautiful valley where the river Altmühl runs as one of the slowest rivers in Germany.

Theodor Heuss once said about the city that is still marked by the Italian flair that was left by the Italian architects like Gabriel de Gabrieli or Maurizio Pedetti on behalf of the bishop: “Eichstätt is not one of the great things, but one of the good things in Germany”.

The mirror hall of the residence, the episcopal courtyard, the cathedral, the monastery of Saint Walburg and many other attractions have shaped the city. Above the historic city center, there lies the castle Willibaldsburg with its famous bastion garden, the “Hortus Eystettensis”.

Eichstätt is also charming by foot. Located wonderfully and with magnificent views particularly the “Altmühl-Panoramaweg” (panorama-route) is the center of the touristic interest. But also the pilgrimage Way of St. James and the “Fossilienweg” (way of fossils) have their charms, undoubtlessly.

You get more information on the tourism homepage of the town.